ARV Bridge Club

The ARV Bridge Club began in 1988 for residents of the Anglicare Retirement Villages at Castle Hill. The club is an incorporated bridge club running two sessions each week open for residents and the community. Visitors are welcome at both sessions.

Sessions are held on Fridays and Saturdays at;

Dover Hall
Anglicare Retirement Villages
Castle Hill

Both sessions start at  1.00pm.

The Director's phone number at bridge is 0405 354 283.


Session fees are $6 for members and $8 for visitors. Red point sessions cost an extra $1.

Membership fees are;

Home club members $40 per year
Alternate members $20 per year

Learn to play bridge

We run occasoinal courses of 6 weekly lessons on Saturdays. For further details, please contact Helen Milward or phone/text her on 0403 894 579.

Partner Service

If you need a partner for a session, contact Pauline Osborne on 0477 799 623. (Contact by phone or text or leave a message.)

Club calendar

See schedule of special events in 2024.